I’m Rachel McMahon, a proud Limerick City lass. I am published author, a former broadcaster and social media strategist with SEO skills – a Jack of all trades really. I usually don’t do anything with those qualities once Netflix puts up something new.

One of the main issues I set up this site is to spread the word about dementia awareness. My father died from it and now I run a non-profit, apolitical campaign called Talk About Dementia to assist carers and let them know what may lie ahead via social media and usage of hashtags. I’m also writing a book about his life before, during and shortly after his illness.

Of course, it’ll be fun too. For me. An excuse to show off my GIFs, rant about the state of affairs these days and tell anecdotes about my days in New York and here in Limerick.

It’s still under construction so please bear with me – not that I think you are desperate to see it finished!

Rachel x